Real Estate & Construction

HSM real estate professionals are highly experienced and can help navigate the complex and difficult challenges that the real estate industry faces. We provide a wide range of services to developers, builders and owners of real estate assets including; income tax, HST, consulting, accounting and assurance. Our clients include small family-owned real estate holdings to high rise construction and development companies.

Professional Practice Services

HSM knows what it takes to run a successful firm of professionals, because we are partners and business owners ourselves and have run a successful practice for almost 50 years. We understand the challenges facing doctors, dentists, lawyers, engineers and other professionals that work in and on their businesses. Professionals need to understand the importance of business strategy and spend the time to work on their firms.

Investment Companies

We work with the small portfolio investment companies to the large real estate holding companies. We work with our clients to help better track investment activities, work on strategies to increase profitability, protect assets and maximize income tax savings opportunities.


In manufacturing change is becoming a constant and companies must be transformative in order to remain competitive. Global economic pressure has increased the risks but also provide enormous opportunities for Canadian Manufacturers. HSM LLP offers assurance and other services to help increase compliance and competitiveness in this global environment.

Retail, Wholesale & Distribution

Retail, Wholesale and Distribution have seen some choppy if not unstable times and the situation is not likely to end. We at HSM help you manage the challenges and navigate these complex and ever changing waters in this global new world order so that you can achieve your goals.

Innovation and Technology

The changing pace of technological innovation is creating new opportunities on a daily basis. HSM understands the challenging environment of innovation and technology. We work with our clients to understand today’s challenges, anticipate future possibilities and help to design strategies to be competitive and add value to their businesses.

Food & Beverage

The food and beverage industry is one of the largest industries in Canada and is continuing to expand. We understand the issues that companies in this in space are confronted with and we work closely with our clients to realize on opportunities and address compliance and other matters.

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